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A highly skilled workforce
and advanced technology

We have three production sites located in Jaipur, where our 600 employees are based. They put their technical and creative skills to work every day on behalf of our 500 customers around the world. For the past 20 years, we have been using the most advanced tools and the most efficient machines to combine the best of craftsmanship and technology.


ODM design

Our team of highly qualified designers has a perfect command of all the 2D and 3D software needed to design our collections. These include: Corel Draw, Rhino and Matrix.


3D Prototyping

We use 3D prototyping to visualise our designs, save time and provide fast and accurate solutions. We are fully equipped with 3D printers from 3D Systems, the world’s leading 3D printing company.



In order to ensure the best results for our customers, we have invested in the best equipment. Our moulding department is equipped with German Schultheiss machines, and wax injection is done on Japanese Yasui injectors


Disc Finishing

To obtain the highest finish on precious metals, we use a centrifugal smoothing machine from Polish manufacturers, Avalon, and a PMG-Hispana electro-polishing machine from a Spanish manufacturer.



Our CNC machines are Intech 4-axis routers that help us make hundreds of complex jewellery pieces that are impossible to create by hand.


Continuous Casting

Thanks to our high performance machine, we obtain a better finish of the metal surface, deburring is minimised and wear resistance is improved.


Hollow Tubing

This machine enables us to develop all geometric tube shapes: square, round and hexagonal, etc. for the most complex and technically demanding jewellery designs.


Hardening Furnace

The curing oven makes all complex creations easier to work with, while improving durability through latent compressive stress.


Laser Soldering

We wanted to have the safest and most accurate laser welding equipment, so we turned to two renowned German manufacturers: Siro Lasertec and Roffin.


Laser Marking

Fine marking and commercial marking are made with the best machines, coming from Italy (Sisma) and Germany (Roffin).


Plating / Micron Plating

To achieve the highest level of precision, we use the German Walter Lehmann plating bath, as well as plating solutions from Pino Aliprandini (Switzerland) and Umicore (Germany).


Assaying / X-Ray

We use measuring instruments from Swiss firm Fischer for an accurate and precise analysis of our materials. We can therefore guarantee a coating thickness in the micron range as well as microhardness. All the jewellery we plate is verified down to the micron.

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