We know that using the earth’s resources responsibly for the good of all is paramount. Ethical sourcing of materials, dignified working conditions, improving the living conditions of our artisans and social sustainability are part of our DNA

Caring for the planet and its citizens


We do our best to minimise our carbon footprint on a daily basis. All our raw materials are ethically sourced, and we carry out all the manufacturing stages of our jewellery in-house. Design, moulding and finishing is all done by our staff, without intermediaries or round trips.

An essential traceability

Our sourcing is both ethical and transparent. We only use
silver and gold from fair trade mines, and our gemstones
and diamonds are all certified.

For a greener world

A&A Jewellery has committed to planting more than 3,000
trees to reduce its carbon footprint and preserve the health
of our planet.

Recycled plastics

We are moving towards offering 100% recycled packaging to our customers. At the moment, we do this for those customers who request it. By 2025, we will be able to reach our goal of offering 100% recycled packaging to all our customers. And, of course, we are also reducing our use of plastic internally.


safe haven

Caring for the
most vulnerable

Through our partnership with Surman Sansthan, a certified NGO, we are able to provide shelter and basic necessities to underprivileged women and children by donating a portion of our income each year.

We also work with Jankalyan Pratisthan Nepal to provide free education and medical care to the Nepalese population, as well as contributing to the development of villages throughout the country.

Empowering women through

Our partner Alka Gupta is part of the Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs (COWE) in Jaipur, which aims to provide opportunities for underprivileged women. By providing skills development and vocational training programmes, she gives them the confidence to pursue their dreams.


Fighting against child

We have partnered with the Akshay Patra Foundation, which provides food to underprivileged children. To contribute to this cause, which is very important to us, we donate a portion of our revenues each year to the Foundation.

A question, a project?

Please let us know: send us a message and we will contact you to discuss the matter.